Why does one person feel a squat differently than others? Why are some people more flexible than others? Your body has adapted its movement around your experiences — perceived pains & threats — this creates unique movement patterns different than any other person.

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It’s in the details! Changing one habit, one thought, one movement can cause a chain reaction that could benefit multiple parts of your mind and body.

Did you know you can make a change in your body in less than a second? It’s simple neurology!


Life can distract us to the point where we become out of “tune” with ourselves and our needs. We have the capacity to consciously think about 3-7 things at a time; how many are relevant to what we’re doing at the moment? How many help you reach your goals and better your health?

Make motivating thoughts, movement with less tension, improved observation and predictability skills a consistent priority in your life. Imagine how one of your 3-7 thoughts can change the way you move, feel, and look!

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  • Learn body mechanic techniques
  • Gain skills to un-jam stuck or immobile joints, and restore the sensory to the brain and signaling to then fire surrounding muscles (proper input for output)
  • Make things easier and stop fighting yourself or pain
  • Learn the importance of breaking down movements –  to then build back to bigger compound movements with more strength and efficiency
  • Master coordination (bone rhythm) and the right balance of tension and relaxation
  • Create better awareness and body mapping

Too often, the motivation to take care of ourselves is to look good. We need to shift our focus away from what is really an added benefit of what’s going on inside our bodies. In reality, the way your brain interprets signals and the outside world, and then responds to those signals is the true measure of fitness and health.

Your coordination of movement, adaptability, and thoughts are all more important to your health, both body and mind.

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