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Total body wellness is more than just about exercise. This site offers a dynamic range of services to meet the needs of both your body and mind while cultivating your spirit. There will be new videos and articles added weekly covering a range of topics and interest.

Let us count the ways we’re different from just another workout site:

Nature’s Fuel

You can’t exercise away a poor diet and only good food can keep your body ready for exercise. One without the other is only a piece of the puzzle. Our community has access to healthy recipes, ingredient substitutions, tricks and tips, plus videos with step-by-step instructions!
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Have you considered the inner workings happening when your body moves? Learn how to move more efficiently and pain free with the exercise instructions and videos on this page. It benefits both beginners and elite athletes and everyone in between.
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It’s in the details! Changing one habit, one thought, one signal or input to your brain can cause a chain reaction benefiting multiple parts of your mind and body. Joint and muscle movement is an output created from the brain. Learn how important proper input to the brain is for efficient and pain free output (movement and performance).
Learn more about Neurology – how it all starts with the brain here on the full page overview.
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Whole body “self-care”! Stay balanced with the knowledge from this page on holistic health approaches.
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What’s the intention of all the above information being on one site? You get the opportunity to wrap all this information up together with a direction that helps you reach your goals and desired changes.  Lessons and questions on this page encourage personal growth. I guide you to your total body package by helping you identify your life’s values and challenging your current habits and thoughts.
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Cultivate Love

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