After months of physical therapy and no relief of my sciatica pain, I decided I needed to go a different route. Rendy has taught my body to correct the pain via unconventional but effective exercises. She analyzes from where the issue stems and then systematically resolves the problem. Now, when I feel pain, I stop and do a “high payoff” drill and the pain quickly subsides. I discontinued taking OTC pain relievers after our third session together. I don’t understand it but I’m am so glad it works. Rendy is a knowledgeable, patient, and pleasant trainer with a unique approach to getting her clients to feel and move better.

– Hope Sherwood

Rendy’s vast knowledge of body mechanics and how to improve them in a very personalized fashioned, has been my greatest help in very critical (painful) occasions.

The first one was while I was training to complete my first Half Marathon. One day, during training, I was in my 6th mile and at some point my legs could not respond to my intent to keep moving. I started limping and Rendy was around. She started giving me Z-drill exercises, right on the running course, in order to help me overcome the pain and the frustration of not being able to move forward (I took my training very serious). Soon enough she noticed my posture, looked at my running shoes, and asked me to remove them and walk. I was able to move. She explained to me how the design of the shoes I had been “sold” into (at a store) were doing me no favor in terms of posture and consequently, in terms of the proper utilization of my body. She said it was like if I was running in high heels…imagine 6 miles in high heels!!!

The second time that Rendy reassured me as a very knowledgeable professional in her field was when I came back from my vacations in Barcelona. Soon after I came back, I once again had serious issues with my left knee. I went to the orthopedic before traveling, and they could not find any problem, but I was in serious pain. I then decided to see Rendy. “She helped me once, she’ll help me twice” I said to myself. I got to the park in my office outfit and with a seriously huge set of bandages on my knee. She asked me to remove them and asked me to walk back and forward. She was observant and curious about everything. “Stand up as you normally do… Do you typically stand up tilting your head that way? … Walk back and forward… what have you done lately? Anything out of the ordinary?” I was skeptical about all the line of questioning and moving around, but what she discovered is that I had an imbalance due to an ear pressure issue and I was compensating by putting extra weight on my left knee. The long flight coming back from EU did not do much of a favor either due to the pressure change. Needless to say, I was in pain because I walked all Barcelona mainly using one of my legs or leaning to one side… It was just overused! I remembered right there I had pinched my eardrum in an accident about 2 years ago. The damage had gone unnoticed until then. Since then, I have to use Rendy’s Z-drills, and it has been the only way to continue to remain active and painless.

– Katherine Pion

Going back a little over a year ago, my wife and I had a discussion about hiring a personal trainer to come to our house a few days a week so my wife could fit a workout in while still holding a full time job. I was somewhat opposed as I have gone to the gym for over 20 years and couldn’t understand why we needed to pay someone to help with workouts. At first, Rendy worked only with my wife as I was dead set against having someone there to tell me what to do, how to do it, how many times, etc. But after seeing my wife get stronger, feel better, eat better and be happier, I decided I must be missing out on something. And I was right, Rendy showed me how having someone there to guide you through the workout can drastically improve results, not just in the way I look but in the way I feel, the way I eat and the way I approach my overall health. We can both honestly say we’ve never felt better and love having Rendy as an integral part of our workout and lifestyle routine. We just want to say a big thank you and wish her all the best.

– KJ & S

Training with Rendy has changed my life – not just my body, but the way that I think & feel about my body. That has been just as important for me as the physical changes that I have been excited to see happening. I quickly began to look forward to our training sessions, rather than seeing “working out” as a chore. Instead of being focused only on the results, I began to thoroughly enjoy the whole process. Our small group training sessions are a ton of fun, and we each get our needs met even though we are all at different fitness levels. I love that no two workouts are ever the same, and I am never bored!
Rendy’s passion for training/fitness has been evident from day one. Her positive energy inspires and motivates me constantly. Her workouts are adaptable to absolutely ANY situation – whether I come in with an injury from other activities or am simply having a bad day, she can modify a workout to be exactly what I need. She is driven to continue educating herself and brings in new material often. Her certifications from Z Health have added powerful tools to her training skills, and have helped take our workouts to a completely different level. She understands the importance of a strong and healthy mind/body connection, and I benefit from this constantly.
Since I began training with Rendy, not only have I lost over 30 lbs, I have also lost the body image issues I struggled with for years. I gained a newfound appreciation for my body and a self-confidence that came not just by seeing “results”, but by changing the way that I think about what fitness means to me. She has helped me exceed my own expectations physically and mentally, and I am so excited to see the progress I have made. This has been an amazing journey, and I would not be where I am now without her guidance, knowledge, and enthusiasm. Simply put, she is an outstanding trainer!

– Jennifer Ritzo

For years I was looking for a way to commence a fitness path that would help me to offset my existing health concerns (fibromyalgia, colitis/IBS-D, auto-immune deficiency, etc.) and the approaches which Rendy has introduced to me have taken me into a very positive direction to overall well-being. It’s been very fascinating to see the override of previously painful areas become fluid and functional. I experienced a dramatic reduction in inflammation of my joints, despite the fact that the rainy winter season is traditionally the most aggressively painful time for me. I look forward to seeing what I am able to do each time. The z-drills are most definitely a brilliant approach to engage the eye-mind-body and I can attest to dramatic improvement through this method.

– Julie Wilkerson

In November of 2011, my 26 year old daughter was stricken with a serious and painful digestive disease similar to Crohn’s. To support her in her struggle, I promised her I would join with her and commit to CCFA’S Team Challenge and train for a half marathon in September 2012. Now I had NEVER been a runner. I had attempted it twice in my adult life and HATED it. I knew there was NO WAY I would succeed in this challenge I had agreed to, but for my daughter, I joined the South Orange County Team anyway. Rendy was our coach, and after only three months of her training, I completed a half marathon on December 2nd 2012. I am still amazed that, at the age of 61, a novice runner could accomplish such a feat with NO INJURIES. Although our awesome, supportive, cohesive team contributed to my accomplishment, there is NO WAY I would have succeeded without the knowledge and methods of Coach Rendy. Thanks to Rendy, I completed two more half marathons, one in 2013 and one in 2014. Her encouragement always kept me going whenever I thought I couldn’t do it.

– Maryanne Rose