Meet Rendy

Rendy Williams

N.S.C.A. Personal Trainer
Corporate Wellness Coach
Z-Health Movement Reeducation Specialist
Integrated Movement and Pain Management Specialist
Team Challenge Marathon Coach
Running Technique and Efficiency Specialist


My name is Rendy, I am on a passionate pursuit to encourage and help people achieve their best and balanced selves. My own ups and downs encouraged me to seek out more knowledge and understanding and though things haven’t been easy, I’ve managed to learn and implement tactics to improve my life. I want to share my knowledge and experiences that have helped me find the balance in life I practice today. I have worked through trauma, both physical and emotional, small and big. Many of you may be able to relate. Keep reading to learn about my full journey. Maybe you’ll see a little bit of yourself in the story somewhere…….

I’ve known since 3rd grade that I had athletic ability, a lot of energy, and wanted to be an athlete; but I had no idea being an athlete is more than just being strong or fit physically. As life has shown me, my decisions and actions should truly show what my values are. Fitness doesn’t always come easy to me, just like anyone else, I experience obstacles, setbacks, emotional hardships, and the older I have gotten the harder it is.

I’ve had so many positive experiences both personal and watching the impact I’ve had on others. It’s rewarding to watch the people I’ve coached and train accomplish their fitness goals and more importantly grow or learn something they keep for life! I’ve been a part of helping people move without pain for the first time in years, seen the impact believing in someone can have, witnessed the transformation of crippling fear turn to hope, and so many times I’ve successfully worked myself out of a clients need but gained a friend.

My personal journey has been full and rewarding as well. I have traveled the world (which I believe to be one of the greatest ways to learn and gain perspective), earned national rankings in the Junior Olympics, scored the winning goal, and been confident enough to try things no one thought possible and to get in a room with people well more educated than myself to learn more about our bodies.

Behind these positive experiences there has been struggle. I know struggle well. As a teenager, I lived in Western Samoa, in 3rd world conditions. I experienced the shocking death of my father and the misleading media coverage that followed with years of finger pointing. I have felt abandoned and alone. Thank God for Resilience and that I didn’t allow any of this to break me.

“Mental and emotional health is equally, if not more important, than being physically fit and looking the part. Your intentions and direction will always set you apart.”

I learned this when I first experienced a major athletic injury, I lost my sense of self and direction. My entire identity was shattered. In 2008, I tore my ACL and MCL while playing soccer. When my fitness activities came to a screeching halt, I did not adapt well. I drank to distract myself; I didn’t eat healthy. I thought it was pointless to put in the effort if I wasn’t able to perform as a high-level athlete (subconsciously telling myself the story that I’m not valuable if I’m not competing). This attitude and indifference for my health was apparent in the lack of care I took of myself, and it eventually showed in my appearance and motivation. We carry the weight of our decisions around, literally and figuratively. I was carrying the weight of self-disappointment and avoided emotions.

Eight years later, I experienced another injury. This time at what seemed the highlight of my adult running career. It once again seemed my path and goals were being stripped away from me, just for a moment……
I thought about what I’ve learned and what I pride myself in. I hadn’t been through all the hard times without gaining something. I reminded myself I had the opportunity to handle my situation any way that I wanted to!
I asked myself, “What do you want from this Rendy?” My answer…… to build strength where I was weak, both physically and emotionally. I knew it would mean building character outside of my own personal fitness. I wanted to be a better coach and leader.

One of my favorite quotes is “change is inevitable; growth is intentional.” I could make this injury meaningful instead of sitting around on auto-pilot waiting months to heal. I leaned into the discomfort of being injured. I got out of the house in my boot and crutches, as a reminder to myself and (hopefully) others to focus on what you can do, not what you can make excuses for.
I reached out for support this time (which is not normally easy for me), while keeping in mind that no one else is responsible for my actions and reactions but me. I learned to coach myself mentally and emotionally. I changed the conversation with myself. I was more than an athlete or runner. I could be positive in any situation.

“It feels amazing when your thoughts, words, and actions all match. I think that’s when you are the most fulfilled. I have experienced this fulfillment and it’s my passion to help others find their greatest potential within themselves.”

I hope that’s why you’re here. My drive for growth made me create this website! I want to reach more people to spread my intention of coaching others on their overall health and well-being. I am a quality of life advocate; it is my highest life value and I try to lead by example.


I started training others around the age of 17, while at Jordan Therapy and Wellness in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I answered phones while studying for my first personal training certification, the NFPT (National Federation of Personal Trainers). There, I learned about the struggles people face in physical therapy and worked with several clients living with fibromyalgia.

At the same time, I volunteered as a soccer coach for students at the Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts. This helped me learn how to keep sports fun for those who don’t have an athletic background or drive.

I’ve owned a boot camp teaching 4 classes a day, and worked with all types of athletes and fitness ranges. I also worked with some amazing older women at the Hot Springs Country Club, the same location I taught a tennis clinic for children.

Upon my move to California I attended a hands-on vocational college in order to fully understand training and the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) certification. It wasn’t until I came across Z-Health and started taking those courses towards my continuing education that I felt like I had found the missing puzzle piece! The brain! It all starts with the brain! It was the perfect balance of adding knowledge and skill to my hard work ethic and athlete push mentality. Smarter; not always harder.

The moment I was introduced to Z-Health Performance Solutions I knew it was the spark and tools I needed to help myself and to help others! I have been going through Z-Health’s multiple levels of continuing education, focusing on the connection between your brain and body. Z-Health is a life changing perspective of training the body’s precise mobility and the neuroscience behind pain-free movement. It pieced all my different styles and years of training and coaching together.

“While I do have several certifications and titles, they don’t define me. I don’t consider this a career, but my life’s purpose and a path I’m blessed to learn and share. To me, educating people about their own bodies and empowering them to rely on themselves is the best tool. I enjoy encouraging by being an example and sharing the motivating stories of others. In my work, I aim to make a positive impact, to help others, and to encourage self-love, joy and meaning!”

I, too, know what it’s like to not look and feel your best. I know the pain of change and hard work. But, I also know, I never want to live on auto-pilot again. Here’s to learning from mistakes and not repeating them! Here’s to your health and well-being!

We can’t get through life alone. Thank you to all of those who have supported and encouraged me along my journey. Even coaches and the toughest of us need support and encouragement. Sometimes the strongest ones fall the hardest until they learn to keep balance and perspective and find their purpose.