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While wellness has a direct influence on your health and health has an impact on your wellness, they are different. Wellness means having a positive approach to living; it’s the attitude or intention towards the way you live.

Wellness is about prevention, self-care and gratitude of your entire being. Do you mostly eat healthy, but the moment social anxiety or depression peeks in, you start making poor choices about food or alcohol? Do you start a workout program because you want to look like someone you saw in a magazine or because you want to feel your best and be healthy and well? If you aren’t in the practice of making the best decisions for your overall well-being, then you are making life a little harder on yourself.

What does wellness look like?
Wellness impacts our life’s big picture — it’s made up of our lifestyle choices and the intention behind our actions.
Wellness benefits long term impact instead of in-the-moment fixes.

Our society has let the concept of wellness stray from a natural approach and become more about the quick fixes companies entice us with. This makes us think someone or something else can “fix” us or make us happy. Happiness comes from a place of being more in tune with our bodies and better practiced at making long term choices for our well-being.

Stop self-sabotaging your growth and start being aware of your well-being! The information from this page will help you make more educated decisions. Remember, no one should know your body better than you do.

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