You can’t exercise away a poor diet and only good food can keep your body ready for exercise. One without the other is only a piece of the puzzle.

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What is your relationship with food? What can food do for you? Why should you care?

Food is more than calories in and calories out. It is your energy and medicine. It is information between your gut and brain delivering messages to your body affecting output of hormones, inflammation, immune cells, energy levels, and other chemical reactions.

Calorie counting does not ensure a healthy body.

Zero calorie or fat-free products are misleading. For example, fat free products are usually loaded with added sugar (or sneaky sweetners you don’t know are sugar). Once digested, the chemical reaction of insulin is released, and excess sugar is stored as fat!

What are some changes you can make?
Do you find yourself eating packaged foods? While convenient, most of these processed foods can leave you unsatisfied and worse, still hungry, as well as bloated and lethargic. You’ll also find yourself looking for more food sooner after a meal. This isn’t really convenient, is it? (And, it’s definitely a waste of your hard earned money.) Eat raw and natural foods often to ensure you receive the vitamins, minerals and enzymes you need!

Why should you eat whole foods?
Nutrition is the cornerstone to whole body health. It enables healing, feeling your best, mentally acuity, disease reduction, and enjoying your fullest life. Clean eating isn’t about taking away your options; it is about providing your body with more of the best options. You actually get to give your body more… more food, more vitamins, more clarity of thought, and more control of your own health. Restricting calories to control your weight takes away and breaks down your body, triggering your survival instinct and stress hormones. Don’t be the part of the population that is overfed in empty calories and caffeine but undernourished.

2 opposing forces can’t live in the same place.

Faith Doubt
Love Hate
Nutrients Toxins
Healthy Cells Diseased Cells

Your food choices can:

1. Give you more good food instead of restricting calories
2. Build your immune system instead of triggering stress and cortisol
3. Give you more control of your own health instead of more Dr. visits
4. Enable you to spend less on pharmaceutical products
5. Build your metabolic rate
6. Create options in cooking and juicing instead of limiting your food choices based on the current fad diet
7. Give your body life and energy instead of toxins it has to work to eliminate
8. Fight Disease instead of creating inflammatory response

If you have tried fad diets and you are frustrated with the ups and downs, I promise your body is frustrated too. Understanding your options and gaining an educated perspective, you can change the way you think about food and the intention with which you eat. Stop the cycle of fad diets! There can be a balance between self-care meals and social meals.

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